Pricing Sheet 2023-2024

Annual Memberships are limited to 50 individuals with a 25-person waiting list.

Two simulator bays are available for booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Membership includes:

  • Booking access to two golf simulator bays
  • Booking access to private events (Games, Events, Movies, etc.)
  • Personal on-site locker for clubs and effects
  • Members may bring up to 3 non-members when booking a bay (11 for a private event)
  • Annual membership gift


Membership one-time initiation/setup fee: $250

Payment Option A: One annual
payment of $900
Simulator Bay Rate (Peak):$19 per half-hour
Simulator Bay Rate (Off-Peak):$14 per half-hour
Private Event (Entire space):$43 per half-hour, 3.5 hours min
Payment Option B: Twelve monthly payments of $75
Simulator Bay Rate (Peak):$20 per half-hour
Simulator Bay Rate (Off-Peak):$15 per half-hour
Private Event (Entire space):$45 per half-hour, 3.5 hours min

Membership Information and Guidelines

How it Works:

The Ponderosa Club (hereafter TPC) Members can access, book, and book simulator time online, in half-hour increments, as well as book private events (the entire space including two simulator bays).

Members also receive a designated locker for storage of their golf clubs. Personal effects can also be kept in their locker in a secured locker drawer.

Membership Guidelines

Membership is a one-year commitment paid annually or in monthly increments. The one-time joining initiation / setup fee is charged at sign-up. At that time one of the Owners will set the Member up with personal access codes, set up the Member profile on the golf sims, take the Member through the systems, and assign a locker.

Members must be 21+.

Memberships are non-transferrable.


Members will have an account on file, that will be charged monthly for expenses accrued within that period.

Members will book their own simulator time online. Additional time can be purchased or adjusted from the original booking if the simulator as needed, if the time is available before or after that member’s time slot.


Members may bring up to three additional guests to a sim rental, or up to 11 guests for a private party

The Member’s account on file will be charged for the booking (charged to the account monthly) and it is up to the Member to seek reimbursement from their guests, if desired (TPC will not charge guests).

Members assume full responsibility for their guests.

Guests will not have access to the simulator without being accompanied by a Member at all times.

Private Events

In addition to golf, private events can include sporting events, movie nights, video games, etc. The entire space is considered rented out for the private event This includes full access to both golf simulators for the allotted time.

Private events have a 3.5-hour minimum and a cleaning fee associated with the event rental.

Hours of Operation and Building Access

Members will have 24/7 access to the building and the simulators via a personalized 6-digit code. Codes are not to be shared among other Members or Guests.

Food and Beverage:

Outside food and beverage is permitted. Alcohol is also permitted.

There will be an array of snacks, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages on site. A point-of-sale system will be present, with items purchased on the “honor system”. Items being purchased in this way will be charged to the member account (charged monthly with membership and sim booking).

Menus for local restaurants will be provided, and delivery is an option, though the delivery person may not have access to the building and may need to be met at the front door of the building.

Security & Damage

Cameras with cloud backup will be installed throughout, to ensure TPC and Member property is safe and secure.

Should any damage to the property arise, please inform TPC ownership at Members are responsible for themselves and their Guests in the event of a security or damage issue.

Memberships are non-transferrable.

Music / Streaming Services

A sound bar system is set up in each simulator bay, as well as a surround sound throughout the entire space.

The first member to arrive in the simulator space will have access to select the music playing through the surround sound (first come – first served). Music is to be played at an appropriate level for a multi-tenant building (a respectful volume).

Each simulator bay will have a television in addition to the simulator screens. The television can stream through the following services xxxx, xxxxx, xxxx, and xxx (subject to change).

Technical and Scheduling Issues

If there are scheduling issues with the booking software, conflicts with simulator availability, technical issues with the simulator, television, point of sale system, keypads, or any of the electronics please contact the following:

Emergency: Text xxx-xxx-xxxx


Big No-Nos:

Members violating guidelines laid out in this form are subject to a warning and/or their membership being revoked.

Members who have outstanding payments due beyond 60 days late may have their membership revoked.

If Members or Guests violate the honor system or if alcohol is an issue, ownership has the right to revoke membership.